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Warming up your Conservatory in the Winter

The winter is a good time to give your conservatory a bit of a makeover. It is during this time of the year that you are most likely to find problems with your conservatory, as the room can become very cold when the temperatures outside are low, making it a difficult room to use comfortably.

To get the most out of your conservatory in the winter months you want to think of the ways that you can make it warmer. Older conservatories are particularly bad for losing heat quickly in the winter months.

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Something that is great for a conservatory is underfloor heating. It works best with hard flooring like this engineered wood flooring but can be used under carpets too. It is also a great choice of heating if you want to be greener and use an air source heat pump to power it.

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Another thing to check is your insulation in the room. It could be that you are losing heat unnecessarily through the glass of the room (which there tends to be a lot of in a conservatory!) and the roof. Blinds are a great way to keep the heat trapped inside, and they can also be a benefit to you in the summer months when many of us find that the conservatory is too hot. They can be lowered to stop the sun getting in or the heat getting out and are very effective at controlling the temperature.

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