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Common Areas of a House That Lose Heat

Heat loss is a major problem in cold climates. In winters, any loss of heat can increase your energy bills and with rising energy costs, homeowners will want to do all they can to minimise this risk. Moreover, homes that lose a lot of heat need more energy to keep them warm. To prevent heat loss, you can take measures to insulate these areas. This way, you can save money on energy bills. Listed below are the common areas of a house where heat is lost.

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One area that is often overlooked is heat loss from having installed downlights. Where these lights sit in the ceiling can cause cold air to seep into the room from above. To combat this issue, it’s important to consider Downlight Covers. These are available from a site like

Windows and doors are two common places where heat can escape. While they are visible, these areas tend to leak the most heat. To stop this, you can seal cracks and plug draughts. Moreover, you can use weatherstripping to prevent drafts in windows and doors. Using weatherstripping can prevent the loss of heat. Make sure to seal all gaps and cracks around the windows and doors.

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Around 10% of heat is also lost through the floor. Consider insulating the floor or even installing underfloor heating systems. A cheaper option is to lay carpet or thick luxurious rugs to avoid having a cold or draughty floor space.

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