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How to become an architect

Can you imagine what it must be like to design buildings? Having the responsibility for the look and feel of cities, towns and villages over the decades must be a tremendous rush. Just as Poole Architects look to shape the future with their bespoke creations you could also have an influence. The way to do this is to become an architect. What is the learning journey to achieve this?

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As you would expect you need to be able to have a very good standard of Maths and English, preferably A to C. Science will definitely be needed. Art would be beneficial as certainly would Design and Technology.  A-Levels also need to function on the Mathematical and again a design based discipline would not be  a bad idea.

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The final academic stage is to take a Degree in Architecture that is recognised by the Architects Registration Board, or ARB for short. This usually takes three to four years. However, it is strongly suggested that the potential architect gets as much practical experience as they can when they are studying. They still need to have 2 years in a practice as an apprentice before taking the final exam to become a full professional.

It might seem like quite a long process but given the important nature of the work you are going to be doing it is vital that it is followed to ensure your competency.

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