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5 Tips for Long-Lasting Appliances

As they say, nothing lasts forever. However, there’s that special joy when an item stands the test of time. A lot goes into this.

This can be achieved with proper care, upkeep, and by following a few simple home appliance maintenance tips. Read this article from online casino for real money for how to keep your home’s appliances as flawless as the day you got ‘em, for years to come. 

1. Read the instruction manual

It may sound boring, but it’s true! The user manual will help you make sure you’re using your appliance correctly and will also give pointers on maintaining it. Sticking to this maintenance guidance can help make appliances last longer. If you’ve lost the manual, check the manufacturer’s website for a replacement, or search the espares manual catalogue.

2. Empty filters regularly

The filter of your washing machine should be cleaned once every six months to remove gunk, stray pennies and other bits and bobs that have escaped over time from unemptied pockets. The filter is usually tucked away behind a panel at the base of your washing machine. The filter of your tumble dryer, on the other hand, should be emptied after every use. This helps ensure the dryer isn’t working harder than it needs to and using more power as a result.

3. Allow enough space for ventilation

For freestanding fridges and fridge freezers, leave at least 2cm of extra space above and behind the appliance. This allows for better ventilation, which means it’s easier for the appliance to do its job and use energy efficiently, according to nz casino online.

4. Avoid overuse

This is a relatively straightforward tip but it’s one that you should definitely keep in mind. Obviously in the case of your fridge and your oven, they are both designed to be used constantly so this isn’t as big of a deal, but the same can’t be said for all your appliances. A microwave isn’t built to run so many times in a single day, so try not to have all of your meals require the use of the microwave. This will be healthier for you too, microwaveable meals do tend to be less nourishing. Instead of using the dishwasher every day, maybe just use it every two days and manually wash your dishes some of the time. This is a workload that you can split between everyone who lives in the house.

5 Everything Clean

Every appliance can withstand a little bit of dirt, but completely neglecting them over long periods of time can cause them to wear down. In terms of electrical equipment, if dust, limescale or grime starts to build up inside it will clog up the electronics and slow them down. You should vacuum the condenser coils on the back of your fridge to prevent them from overheating, and you should use a descaler on your kettle and regularly wipe down the inside of the microwave.

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