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Conservatory Decorating Tips

A conservatory has the potential to be a bright, homely space. However, some of its features can work against you, so you should think carefully about your colour scheme. In particular, you should avoid using shades that are too pale, as these can make the room look sterile. Similarly, if you want to use your conservatory for an office, go for a darker colour scheme. To ensure your space is comfortable to use all year round, consider Conservatory Roof Conversions. Find out more at

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A nautical theme is often popular for conservatories by the sea. For example, if you want a conservatory with a fishing town feel, add accents that remind you of the seaside. For instance, you can place old hurricane lights or gas lamps on the walls. In addition, you can add decorations, such as anchors and shell patterns. Also, place fisherman’s rope anywhere you can.

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String lights are another good option. These lights are affordable and can be used in different areas of the conservatory, such as the patio. In addition, you can also use them to highlight your favourite wall art. You can also create an eye-catching centrepiece with fairy lights. Alternatively, you can try repurposing mason jars into lamps.

Adding comfortable furniture to your conservatory will help make the space more inviting and comfortable. Choosing a variety of pieces of furniture is a great way to break up the space and provide different seating for guests. A comfortable sofa combined with matching chairs will make the space more welcoming and enjoyable.


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