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8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

8 Practical Tips to Avoid a Cold

Here are the article about 8 Practical Tips to Avoid a Cold.

1. Wash your hands and wash them often8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

An American study examined 40,000 Navy recruits who were ordered to wash their hands 5 times a day and found that these recruits had reduced their incidence of respiratory diseases by 45%.

2. Every time you wash your hands, do it twice8Tips to Avoid a Cold

Researchers who have looked for microbes on the hands of volunteers have discovered that washing hands once did not have much effect, even if you were using antibacterial soap. So wash your hands twice if you really want to repel colds.

3. Use this strategy to dry your hands in public toilets8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

Studies have shown that a shockingly high percentage of people do not wash their hands after using public toilets. And each one of them touched the door handle on coming out. Then after you have washed your hands, use a paper towel to close the faucet.

Use another paper towel to dry your hands, then open the door with this paper towel as a barrier between you and the handle. This may sound a little crazy, but this stuff could help protect you from infectious diseases like colds.

4. Have hand sanitizer on you8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

Colds usually do not spread by coughing or kissing (although these are actually two modes of transmission), but rather by hand-to-hand or hand-to-object contact, as most cold viruses can survive Hours on objects. You then place your hand in or near your mouth or nose, and then you are infected.

Always have hand sanitizer with gel or wipes on you and you can clean your hands at any time, even if the nearest water source is miles away. It works


5. Use your joints to rub your eyes8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

They are less likely to be contaminated with viruses than your fingers.

This point is particularly important because the eye provides an ideal entry point for germs, and most of us rub our eyes or nose or we scratch the face between 20 and 50 times a day.

6. Get vaccinated against the each fall8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

In some provinces, the vaccine is available free of charge to seniors or anyone with a long-term medical problem that makes them more vulnerable (heart or lung disease, taking immunosuppressive drugs, Have diabetes or have no spleen). In addition, employers often offer this vaccine to their employees in the health field.

7. Enter a sauna once a week8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

Why? Because an Austrian study published in 1990 found that volunteers who frequently used a sauna had 2 times fewer colds during their 6-month study period than those who did not use a sauna at all.

It is possible that the hot air you inhale kills the cold viruses. Nowadays, most gyms have saunas.

8. Stop building yourself when things go wrong at work8 Tips to Avoid a Cold

Believe it or not, blaming you makes you more likely to catch a cold. In any case, this is what researchers discovered when they studied more than 200 workers for more than 3 months.

Even those who had control over their work were more likely to start sneezing if they lacked confidence or if they tended to blame themselves when things went wrong.

Researchers believe that such attitudes further stress people at work, and stress, as everyone knows, can put your immune system to strain.

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