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What is a sense of humour, and why it’s important

Do you ever sit stony-faced when a comedian comes on? When watching a funny film, are you inclined to smile but not laugh out loud? On the flip side, do you find everything humorous and laugh comes as accessible to you as anything? The chances are you’re going to be somewhere in between; we all are. Humour and what is funny are relative to all of us. For example, many consider Mr Browns Boys to be the height of comedy, whilst many others simply don’t.

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When we talk about a good sense of humour, we generally think of someone who can spot a joke or make light of a situation and even possibly diffuse it. So many modern comedians turned to comedy to avoid being bullied. It stands to reason that you need a good sense of humour to work in comedy, but there are other more regular roles where it is also very important.

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Being a care assistant and working in Care Jobs Stroud way, for example, is one of these. As anyone at will tell you, the ability to laugh and make those you care for a laugh is of paramount importance. It creates a bond between you and the care user that will help you establish a good working practice together. As many of these roles last for years, it’s wise to establish this early on.

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