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What happens when you block someone on Twitter?

Twitter has become the social network that informs you the most quickly and informs you immediately of the most important news, allowing you to know the trends of public opinion and to have direct interactions with public figures knowing only the Address of their account. However, it is this same freedom that anyone can know your username, regardless of whether you follow it or not, and can contact you directly. This type of message can often be very irritating to some people, who then think about blocking those annoying users. TwitterHowever, what happens when I block someone on Twitter? In this article of com in this article, we will explain it in detail.

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TwitterFirst, Twitter’s policy regarding blockages is transparent. As soon as you block a user, you will not receive any notification about this, but if that person enters, your profile to view your Tweets immediately you will be informed that this user is blocked with a notification that you will Cannot follow it or see your tweets.

However, for the user you have blocked, you will have to go directly to his profile, which is not common and so, in most cases, when someone is blocked, nobody knows.

TwitterIf you block someone on Twitter, it will happen the following:

  • This person will automatically stop following you, and your account will no longer appear in his contacts.
  • In addition, you will also stop following it, and you will avoid contact.
  • If this person is in one of your lists, it will automatically exit.
  • In addition, the user will not be able to retweet any of your publications.
  • If the user happens to see that you no longer follow him and try to follow you again, when he arrives on your profile, he will see that you have blocked him.

TwitterHowever, the big question you can ask yourself about Twitter is how can this person continue to read my publications? The answer is simple: when the user is logged in to your Twitter account, he will not see one of your publications, but simply sign out and enter your username on Google so that you can access to your entire timeline without any problems.

The only exception you can make when you have a private profile on Twitter is to show what you are publishing only to your fans.

Now that you know, what happens when you block someone on Twitter, you just have to do it to the person you do not want to have contact with. If you think, you had been blocked, and then keep reading our article how to know if I am stuck on Twitter to find out more.

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