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Making top concrete is a real art

You might think of concrete as just being something that is used to build a solid foundation. You‘d be completely right in that view but there is so much more to concrete than just using it for a base. Modern architects viewed concrete as a modern wonder when it came to the design of new buildings. Not only could they construct shapes that were previously thought to be impossible in construction, but the material was also able to support other designs that would have otherwise collapsed.

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The secret to success is in the mixing. It’s why you need to have Concrete Cheltenham based experts like on hand to help with getting it right.

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Concrete is a combination of several components to make one very strong one. These are sand, gravel and cement all mixed with water to make a smooth substance that is poured into moulds and then left to harden or cure. The balance of materials and their introduction has to be done well. If it’s too runny the concrete will not set strongly. However, not enough water and the mix will be too dry and will crumble. If you’ve got a smooth mix then this gives you the chance to craft it into the shapes and designs that you want. It also means that floors can be smooth and hard-wearing, plus they will be easier to put down underlay, carpet and wooden flooring on.

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