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What is Vintage Furniture and why is it so Popular?

Something that is vintage tends to be something of a certain age – before it becomes an antique, but usually something that is around years old and less than a century old. In terms of furniture, there are plenty of pieces of furniture out there that are classed as vintage, and the style is something that many people like to add to their homes – they might have a smaller item, or the might look for a larger one, or it might be that they want the whole room or home decorated with a vintage style.

Of course, because of the popularity of vintage furniture, you can also get brand new furniture that has a vintage appearance to it, such as this vintage style sofa

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One of the reasons why the vintage look is so popular, is the fact that it adds much more of an individual style to your home – rather than living in a dull grey box, more and more people are wanting homes that are brighter coloured, or have more interesting furniture that is functional as well as attractive.

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Another thing to remember about vintage furniture, is that it comes in a wide range of styles depending on the decade it is from, as something that is vintage covers a large span of time – for example, the styles of the 1950s are very different to those of the 1970s, however furniture from either of these eras will be classed as vintage.

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