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Five Things That Cycling Can Do For Your Health

It is common knowledge that cycling is a great way to get exercise and improve your overall health and fitness But let’s take a closer look, and examine exactly how riding bikes is a great way to lose weight or get in better shape. Here’s a brief overview, with Five Things That Cycling Can Do For Your Health.


Cycling is an extremely potent form of exercise: either bicycles or stationary bikes, modern cycles are highly efficient and provide a great way to work out without putting too much strain on your body. Unlike running or other forms of high-impact exercise, cycling allows you to reap the benefits of extended aerobic exercise in a manner that is unlikely to cause damage or long term problems to your body.

Aerobic exercise (also known as “cardio”) has a miraculous list of benefits for the entire body. The heart, lungs and entire cardiovascular system are strengthened, and positive benefits are included for all of the bodies organ. Extended aerobic exercise has also shown to improve brain function and mental acuity, making cycling good for body and mind!

Five Things That Cycling Can Do For Your Health


Bikes are an amazing way to burn calories. The benefit of being low impact also allows for people who are less out of shape to still be capable of riding, providing them with a very efficient way to burn calories which is much less strenuous than other forms with comparable results.
Cycling can provide you an exciting way to lose weight and explore the world around you. Cycling provides you with numerous opportunities to burn calories while also strengthening the cardiovascular system and muscle groups. Try cycling as part of your regular commute as a great way to lose weight and still be on the go.


Bikes provide you with an entertaining and engaging experience which does not have to feel like an exercise plan or a work out session. Cycling is a constant adventure in exploration as well as a great way to improve the health of your body and mind. Constantly exciting, the range of variety for experiences while cycling is immense: from leisurely pedaling around your neighborhood, to pushing your physical limits while exploring unknown terrain.
By providing your body not only with exercise, but also with enjoyable and unique experiences, you allow for the growth of muscles as well as brain cells! Cycling is a great avenue for the health of any ones brain and it offers great benefits for the machinations of creative minds.


The humble bike provides us with one of the greatest tools ever invented for improving your stamina and endurance, while building muscles and having an enjoyable experience. While riding a bike it simply seems natural to go a little further than you went last time, to explore a different route or test yourself on a steep incline.
Cycling provides us with a natural, intuitive way to increase our stamina, endurance and consequently our overall range on a bike. Improving your stamina has a great impact on your overall health, allowing you to feel more energetic in your normal day-to-day, and push yourself to new limits when you feel the need.


Cycling can help to regulate the bodies sleep cycle in many ways. The most basic effect is inherent in all forms of exercise, where expending energy gradually exhausts the body and prepares it for rest. However, in addition to this, scientists have identified cycling as being a particularly useful form of exercise for helping with the natural sleep cycle.

As well as exercise, cycling during the day exposes the body to sunlight, which has many health benefits. Exposure to sunlight inhibits the production of Melatonin, an essential chemical in the regulation of the bodies circadian rhythm. It also allows the body to rid itself of cortisol, an essential stress hormone which has been found to prevent the body from getting good sleep.

Implementing cycling as part of their daily life has been shown to help insomnia sufferers get to sleep faster and sleep longer. For the average sleeper, it can improve how well rested you feel after rising as well as how long or “deeply” you sleep.


Hopefully this overview has given you a good idea of how excellent cycling can be for your mind, body, and even your sleep cycle! Now that you know how good it is for you, what are you waiting for? Get on your bikes and ride!

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