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Female Hair Loss Management Through Laser Therapy

Falling hair may not be a contagious disease but the effects of this to certain individuals can be severe. Depending on the severity of the hair loss, an individual may suffer various emotional and psychological traumas. According to, Schryver, L., on her article “Psychological, professional effects of hair loss require special attention,” she said that a study published in the British Medical Journal noted that alopecia or hair loss caused intense emotional suffering, and leads to personal, social and work-related problems.

Conversely, excessive falling hair lowers self-esteem that can lead to social withdraw and ultimately, depression. The causes of falling hair can be genetics. This can be traced back to the family roots. In other words, hair loss can be hereditary, which means even during teen-age years, there could be evidence of hair loss already. Although some women may experience hair loss during the pre-menopausal state up to age 60s, other may experience it earlier. Stress can also be one of the factors of falling hair; unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to strong hair chemicals can also be contributing factors of hair loss.


Fortunately, today, there are modern modalities on the hair-loss management. The most popular of which is the laser therapy for treating falling hair. This form of treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment option for falling hair. It is painless and chemical free as well. The low-light laser therapy for falling hair is the latest options for people with the hair-loss problem that needs to be restored as soon as possible.

While there are other options of treating hair loss, like the chemical based hair treatment which are still popularly used by dermatologists, the laser therapy is beginning to gain more attention as the result is faster than the chemical based treatment options.

The laser treatment in general has been utilized by a dermatologist to manage skin problems and today, this treatment option is also proven to have revitalized the damaged hair cell though the laser beam. The laser emits light that can penetrate the scalp unto to the hair roots and with this; it directly boosts the hair roots and scalp.

Further, as the laser continues to stimulate the scalp through its emitted light, the blood circulation is also increased and improved in the scalp area. When the scalp is nourished and moist, the environment makes it very conducive to hair growth. When the scalp is dry and itchy what comes next is falling hair. However, with the laser therapy, the scalp is directly invigorated fostering hair growth.

For an individual suffering from hair loss, talking to a dermatologist is the practical option before commencing with laser treatment for hair loss. For more reviews visit

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