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Why it’s important to look after your roof

The roof of any building is key to keeping the inside of the property dry and unaffected by the elements and weather on the outside. There are a number of parts to a roof, including the main beams that make up the frame of the roof, the underlay area and then the tiles that make up the outermost layer. There are lots of materials that can be used to create the tiles, including slate. Gloucester Roofers such as will select the materials that are most appropriate for the building that they are installing the roof on.

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Roofs can be affected by extreme weather, and this usually comes in the form of storms and high winds. The wind can get underneath the tiles and cause them to lift from the positions they are placed in. This then leaves the underlay susceptible to rain. Once water gets into this layer, it can lead to further problems with dampness, and this can be hard to reverse.

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This is one of the key reasons why it is essential to regularly check your roof, especially after a big storm. To do this, you should check that all of your tiles are intact and securely in place. If you notice that you have any tiles missing or broken, you can have these replaced to make your roof secure again. It is also vital that you check your gutters as if they overflow, they can cause damage to your roof and to the outer parts of your building.

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