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How potholes can damage your car

Potholes seem to be appearing everywhere in UK roads and road surfaces workers seem to have a never-ending task of trying to fill them. Not only are they unsightly, but they can cause a number of problems with your car.

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Alloys – hitting a pothole at a strange angle or at speed can cause damage to occur to your alloys. You may need to have support from a Gloucester Alloy Repair company such as to repair this. Your alloys can become dented or even crack as a result of the sharp angles in the pothole.

Tyres – as well as damaging your alloys, potholes can also cause punctures to appear in your tyres that over time will lead to your tyres deflating. It can also cause instant damage to occur that can result in you needing to have your tyre replaced.

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Tracking – hitting a pothole even a small one at a slow speed can knock your tracking out of alignment. This can then mean that your tyres wear unevenly and also affect the overall performance of your car. You can rectify this quickly with a trip to your local garage to have your tracking aligned.

It is important that you have any of these issues correctly quickly so they do not lead to further damage from occurring to your vehicle.

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