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History of the Blackpool Ballroom

The Blackpool Ballroom has long been a place where those entering ballroom and latin competitions and dancing careers long to dance. It is even a part of the Strictly Come Dancing schedule. You can be sure that those who teach Salsa Classes London way such as have either visited or danced in places like the Blackpool Ballroom.

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The Tower Ballroom is one of the oldest in the country and the most prestigious. It features a large dance area that accommodates tens of couples at the same time. It was first opened in May 1894. Back then the art of ballroom dancing was held as a great skill. It was the best way to meet your future husband or wife. Blackpool was already becoming the place to be seen in the Victorian era. It was rapidly developing a following as being the best place for a holiday or day trip. What better way than to spend the evening in its cavernous interior.

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Its main draw is the mighty tower above it. A structure of steel and glass, it was an attempt to rival and copy the great Eiffel Tower in Paris. Although it’s nowhere near as tall as that, it still dominates the skyline and coastline. Glowing many colours, it can certainly attract the attention of the visitor. It’s also possible to ascend the Tower so that you can see the golden mile stretched out in all its glory.

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