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Eco answer to a hot office

As the world’s temperature rises there is still one thing that never changes, we all have to go to work. While the thought of having to work in a heatwave is not very appealing, at least most modern offices have air conditioning units and fan systems to keep you cool. However, with fans and air-con systems working all the time it means that the office is contributing to the carbon footprint and is using more and more resources. In other words, it’s just fuelling the problem. What if there was a way to reduce the heat in an office without it costing the Earth, and the company to do it?

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The first steps can be taken in the design stage. One of the biggest contributors to the heating of an office is direct sunshine. Though it isn’t possible to build a huge shade over the building, which would trap in the heat anyway, there are certain designs that can literally deflect the sun’s rays away from the building.  This is the use of Brise Soleil and you can get them from

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The system of Brise Soleil is a slanted metal grill that absorbs the rays and provides shade to the office. It’s fitted to the outside of the office building but it still allows for light to get in and for you to have a view. Many designs feature a porch some distance out from the building. It won’t stop ambient heat but it will keep the worst at bay.

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