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Facebook alternatives of the heavy facebook app

4 Facebook alternatives of the heavy facebook app

More and more resourceful, the Facebook app can become a serious problem for your devices: here are 4 facebook alternative practices to connect to the blue social network without weighing down your device. Let’s talk about it: now we can no longer do without connecting to the timeline so dear to us.

It has been estimated that every day Facebook has 21 million connections from mobile devices: what does it mean? This is a tangible sign that not only indicates that internet traffic from mobile devices is in growth. But also that we cannot keep ourselves away from Zuckerberg’s social network even when we are around. Keep reading: EVERYONE ON INSTAGRAM IS TAKING THE EXACT SAME PHOTOS

The billionaire company of Menlo Park knows it and offers you all the possibilities to connect to the Facebook account whether you can connect from a computer, or from a smartphone or tablet.

The demand for Facebook alternatives

Facebook app

In this regard, if you have installed the Facebook application, you will already know how much this is greedy for resources. Always looking for more RAM to run the best on your smartphone or tablet.

But it can happen that the device used to browse a bit ‘on the bulletin boards of friends is not really of a recent invoice. Maybe does not have enough RAM to keep the current standards of the most ravenous apps.

The result is that the Facebook application has become so complex and heavy that it comes to crash the less gifted devices, preventing. In fact, the use of multiple applications simultaneously, or even to limit access to Facebook itself.

Considering, then, that to talk privately with friends you need to download separately the application dedicated to messaging, such as Messenger, the combo becomes devastating for non-latest generation smartphones or tablets.

If you also find yourself in these lines, or more simply you no longer want to clog the memory and resource management of your new smartphone, then continue reading to discover 4 valuable tips on how to connect to Facebook bypassing the application originally.

# 1: The mobile site of Facebook

Facebook mobile site

I know, this is not a revolutionary idea, but I assure you that many are not even considering the possibility of connecting to your Facebook profile using simple browsing via the browser even from a smartphone or tablet – just as you would normally from the pc.

I assure you that if you really cannot run the original Facebook app decently, open the browser installed on your smartphone and connect to, or the URL of Facebook for mobile devices.

At this point, ignore the suggestion of Facebook that advises you to install the application dedicated to have a better experience, log in with the credentials to access your Facebook profile, and … enjoy the magic of a sliding timeline and without blocks of sorts!

At this point, if I know you well enough, I know you’re thinking about notifications, and you’re wondering: how do I stay up-to-date on what’s happening in my little Facebook universe if I cannot count on the notifications?

Do not despair, dear friend; I have two suggestions for you:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Opera mini

What do the famous browsers have to do now?

opera and google chrome

They have to do with it: both web browsers just mentioned, in fact, can notify you via push notifications whenever Facebook wants to tell you something.

When you log in for the first time, remember to give consent to receive notifications, and you’re done.

But is not it fantastic?

Yes, it is.

# 2: Facebook Lite

Now let’s move on to real applications that were born with the aim of improving the experience with the blue social network reducing the useless waste of the Facebook app, and focusing, instead, only on basic and real use.

Facebook lite

Facebook Lite is the best alternative to the Facebook app, because it is fast, light and very very parsimonious in data consumption, working even in case of connection to the network is not stable.

Facebook Lite is compact but can offer you everything you need by navigating through the pages of your timeline, including the ability to exchange messages with your contacts without necessarily having to go through the equally heavy Messenger.

Try to believe: I bet that once you have tested the goodness of Facebook Lite, even if your smartphone is performing and allows it, you will hardly come back by installing the original Facebook app!

# 3: Mini for Facebook

Still a very popular application in the Play Store, which allows you to say goodbye to the cumbersome app of Facebook replacing the official one.

The indisputable point of strength of Mini for Facebook is certainly the curated and captivating graphics, organized to the best to allow you to find everything you need, with an eye to the much loved Material Design. You will appreciate this application for its fluidity and architecture as light as it is functional, but also because you can customize it to your liking by choosing the theme that best suits you when you connect to the Facebook profile.

Even in Mini for Facebook, the chat with friends is included in the same app, and you can enjoy notifications every time that Facebook will communicate an event linked to your profile. In short: many problems, one solution.

A very popular gem, then, is about the ability to choose when to start playing a video that might interest you, preserving data traffic from the useless waste of autoplay while scrolling your timeline.

Also, do you want to put the freedom to watch only the videos that attract you, avoiding the chaos of images that come to life by themselves while leaving the Facebook app open?

# 4: Puffin for Facebook


Even Puffin follows the same (brilliant) wake of Chrome and Opera Mini: you know the little penguin of the light and fast browser for older smartphones? Well, the same returns to buy up hearts, thanks to a specific adaptation of the famous browser for the Facebook site, which turns into a fast and practical app. It’s perfect for those who cannot get more than Facebook’s greed for mobile devices.

You may want to choose this solution compared to others because Puffin for Facebook is the perfect choice if you want to have an eye for consumption data from smartphones or tablets. In fact, this app not only manages to compress data to avoid waste but is also able to show the use of data every time you load the page. More comfortable than that…

Have you ever used one of these solutions?

More convinces you the official application of Facebook, or would you gladly try an alternative and, in this case, which of the proposed solutions would you prefer to test to avoid the original Facebook app? You may also like:

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