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Street food is the freshness

Street food is the new star of the fat fries and lashes to-go salad have changed to delicious, imaginative dishes. The advantage of street food is the freshness and international, authentic preparation methods.

What is street food?food

Who does not know how to eat a sandwich in between or a portion of Asia noodles while walking? Street food determines our life and tastes surprisingly well. Street food is not to be confused with the food of the major fast food chains because Street food is unique and often typical of the region. Street food is sold on stalls or wagons operated by small businesses. Not infrequently, the whole family is working on such a “street food cart”. The advantage of street food is that it is fresh from the pan and is also cheap. Good street food traders regularly change their offer to use seasonal ingredients.


Street food globalfood

Street food is a global phenomenon. This type of food is typical for the southern states of Asia and Africa. Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and India are famous for their foodstuffs, where delicacies such as tandoori chicken, sate or pho, a rice noodle soup with beef are offered. Street food is also of great importance to the people in the African cities because many of them earn their livelihood. Finally, street food is affordable for the poor thanks to low prices. The selection in Africa of street food is just as diverse as the cultures of different countries. While in Burundi is toasted sugar of Renner, one can in Mozambique and Kenya’s cities Prego (steak sandwich) and mate matai ( pancakes stuffed with mint, meat and boiled eggs) eat. One of the best street food destinations is undoubtedly Mexico, where street food traders sell tortillas and sweet treats, such as Mexican milk rice or churros, fried dough crumbs.

Street food in Europe and the USAfood

Even in European countries, there has been much to do with street food. Numerous street food providers are migrants who offer cuisine from their home countries: Lebanese, Chinese and Colombian street food is cooked in European street kitchens. Thanks to the knowledge of the multicultural cooks, there is always surprisingly authentic street food. What appears to be a daily occurrence in Germany is often perceived as exotic street food in other countries: Currywurst is known in the USA as a typical German street food. To this specialty also in Germany a regular cult developed, it is offered here also with sheet gold and from ostrich meat. The real Currywurst -lover will enjoy this Street food naturally without such frills.

In the United States and Great Britain, the quality of street food gradually approaches the gourmet kitchen. For example, Curtis Kimball sells desserts in San Francisco with its cream-Brule-cart desserts, which are well known in the city. The dream of all children is Petra Barrans Choc Star bus, with which she toured throughout the UK and sold chocolate Street food. The resourceful businesswoman has learned their profession in Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini and delighted young and old with chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate, brownies and cupcakes in a variety of chocolate variations.

Health risk street food?food

Not infrequently, adventurous gourmets are faced with the dilemma that is recommended in travel guides before street food in developing and emerging countries. Of course, you can follow this advice, but especially in Asia, you will miss some culinary highlights. To be careful with street food is, of course, in areas where epidemics have broken out. In such cases, you should seek medical advice before traveling.

Basically, it must not be forgotten that the food in open-air street kitchens does not have to be more unhygienic than in hidden restaurant kitchens. A street food rule, therefore, assumes that there is some certainty when the food is prepared before their eyes. In the case of fish, it is also advisable to buy this directly from the food stalls at the port where it is delivered freshly. You should also in dairy products and raw salads and fruits with water were washed, be careful. Skeptics are in Istanbul on the safe side, there may a street food tour book, which lasts depending on the desired two or six to eight hours. Keep in mind that, despite all precautions, the body can rebel if it needs to digest unusual ingredients.

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