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The Flooring That Can Add Value to Your Property

If you are selling your home, you may think that the type of flooring you have down on your floors matters little to anyone thinking of buying it. After all, won’t the buyers just rip up all your old carpet and replace it with something new anyway?

The Flooring That Can Add Value to Your Property

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Maybe. But flooring is one of the fundamental elements of any home – it helps set the tone for the rest of the property, meaning what you have on your floor will certainly influence whether someone buys it or not. It’s also worth remembering that certain types of flooring can add value to your property, too.

What Not to Install

Cheap-looking vinyl, worn and dirty carpet and warped, badly-laid laminate will not only put buyers off but may even reduce the selling price of your house.

If you have any of these in your house, it may be worth replacing them if you are thinking of selling. Having attractive flooring down will certainly help matters if you are seeking to sell.

What to go for Instead

Most buyers will look for timeless designs, as well as well-laid and hardwearing flooring which they can envisage living with for years. Yes, it’s true they may well want to replace even that expensive carpet you only laid down last year, but there are certain types of flooring which are more likely to appeal to the average buyer than most.

The Flooring That Can Add Value to Your Property2

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According to Massachusetts Real Estate News, hardwood is by far the top choice of most home-buyers for most of the rooms in the house.

Solid wood floors are the luxurious option, and are usually believed to add value to any home – as much as £1,000, in some estimates. A high quality wooden floor will last for decades, and most buyers will see it as an added bonus.

But if you can’t afford real wood, go for the best quality laminate flooring instead. Cheaper than wood but no less attractive and hardwearing, something like the oak laminate flooring available from will look fabulous and add value to your home.

As long as it is laid correctly and is reasonably attractive, laminate floors will appeal to most buyers and could add hundreds on to your asking price.

You can even put laminate down in kitchens and bathrooms, although do remember to get the water-resistant type.

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