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Reasons Why Van Hire Is the Solution For Your Business

In an uncertain economic climate it can be hard to forecast how much you will use a vehicle. Hiring a van on a short-term basis offers more flexibility and is often cheaper than buying one, especially as you don’t have to worry about depreciation. If you are VAT registered, you can also reclaim your monthly payments as a business expense which could be a major saving.

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With a large choice of sizes available, there’s a van for every need. You can choose a car-like small van that’s great for delivering goods, or go for a larger model that can carry up to ten people, with some even having a rear tail lift to allow you to transport bulky items like furniture. There are also double cab pickups which offer four-wheel drive, and can be very useful if you are working on building sites or in rural locations that have unsurfaced roads.

A lot of companies need to transport items from location to location for various reasons. For example, catering companies may need to take ingredients and equipment to the event site or a retail store might need to move stock between stores. Van hire is a cost-effective solution to meet these needs, and with the right van, you can deliver the goods safely and securely. For Van Leasing Bristol, visit

Transporting bulky or awkward items can be difficult, and using your own car can be an inconvenience. Hiring a van for the day or a few days means you can complete the journey in one trip, saving time and fuel costs. It’s also a lot safer, and you can rest assured that the vehicle has passed regular safety checks.

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Whether it’s a group of friends going on a round-the-world tour or a family on a ski holiday, taking heavy suitcases to and from the airport can be a real hassle and a waste of precious energy. Getting a rental van for the journey can make things far more efficient and help everyone get into the holiday mood far quicker.

A fleet of company vehicles can provide a professional image for your business and help build brand awareness. Whether it’s for deliveries, collecting and returning tools or general courier services, van hire can be an affordable option for any company. For a fixed monthly fee, you can lease the latest models and ensure your fleet is always ready for work. With a long-term lease agreement, you can also forecast the amount of mileage you will do and budget for that accordingly.

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