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Earwax – Why do we Have it and Why Can it Cause Problems

We all need to have earwax in our ears – it helps to protect the ear canal from things like infections and debris. However, for some people earwax can also cause problems, and when this is the case, you may need to go to a professional like this ear wax removal company to get your earwax removed.

There are lots of signs to look out for that indicate that you may have excess ear wax building up in your ears. This includes a ringing in the ear (known as tinnitus), pain in the ear, feeling that you have a blockage and dizziness.

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Ears might be affected by a buildup of earwax for several reasons. These include poking foreign objects into the ears, such as cotton buds which causes the wax to become compacted, stress, working in a dusty environment regularly and swimming to name but a few. Some people also suffer for genetic reasons, such as those who have particularly small or bent ear canals, and those who produce more earwax than average.

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To reduce your risk of developing problems caused by excessive earwax, you should make sure that you don’t poke or prod into the ear, instead of wearing earbuds to listen to music or podcasts use over the ear headphones, and have your ears checked as soon as possible if you have any concerns about them, as this will prevent a smaller problem from becoming a large one!

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