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How to Maintain a Trailer

Before taking a trip, it’s important to check the suspension of your trailer. If your trailer is out of alignment, this can cause uneven tyre wear. Another simple way to check the suspension is by checking the axle hubs. Make sure that the axles have minimal play, and replace them if needed. When you require Trailer Parts, go to a site such as autoandtrailer

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Aside from jacking up the trailer, you should also check the wheel bearings. These are metal-on-metal rings that connect the wheel to the axle. They need to be greased to prevent friction and possible wheel damage. You should also check the lug nut torque and tyre condition. Proper maintenance of the axle, wheels, and wheel bearings will ensure a safe and efficient trailer for any long haul journey you might need to take with your trailer attached.

The most common reason for trailer trouble is a failed wheel bearing. Wheel bearings can rust if water gets inside of them. Fortunately, most trailers have wheel bearing protectors, which use a spring-loaded piston to hold grease in the wheel hub. This keeps water out of the hub which means corrosion is less likely to occur.

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As with any trailer, it’s important to maintain the brake shoes, springs and wheels every three months. Keeping them well-maintained will keep repair costs to a minimum. You should also keep a screwdriver on hand so that you can tighten nuts and replace wheels if necessary on the go.

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