7 solutions for winter car problems

1. Gain traction with bleach

If your car is stuck on an ice sheet and cannot get enough traction, pour a small amount of chlorine-based bleach on the tires.winter car

The bleach will react chemically to soften the ice and rubber, which will improve the traction. Wait a minute for the chemical reaction to take place, and then try to start.

You can also gain traction by placing sand, salt or cat litter on the snow in front of the tires.

Since bleach accelerates wear on the rubber of the tire, you should use it only in an emergency.

2. Shovel the snow with a hubcap

If your car is mired in snow, ice or mud and you do not have a shovel on hand, remove a hubcap and use it to dig up your car.

3. Thaw the locks with a straw

If the lock on the door of your car freezes and you cannot insert the key, do not stay locked out.

Try applying your hot breath into the hole in the lock with a straw.

The ice should melt quickly and you can easily unlock the door.

4. Frost the frozen locks

If the lock on your car door is frozen, hold the key in your hand (preferably gloved) and heat it with a match or lighter.

Place the key in the lock and turn gently without forcing.

After a few seconds, the hot metal key will melt the ice and you can open the door.

5. Start your car with a hair dryer

If you get up on a frigid morning and your car does not start, plug a hair dryer into a large extension cord and heat the carburetor directly.

You can then start up without any problem.

6. Get rid of the de-icing salt

You know that melted snow is stuffed with salt that your city used to clean roads, but did you know that salt can rust the chassis of your car? Do not worry: cleaning is simpler than you might think.

All you need is an old water hose and an ice pick to give a good shower to the chassis of your car and get rid of the salt:

Drill holes in a portion of the pipe equal to the width of the car body.

On the day when the temperature goes above zero, place the pipe under the car, put the water in the water and let the underside of the car get sprayed for about 10 minutes.

Move the hose and repeat the process until the entire chassis has had a good shower.

7. A squeegee of yogurt

Scratch the windscreen and windows with an empty jar of yogurt.

When you scratch with the ledge, the pot picks up the ice.

As you scratch, empty the ice on the floor with a small wrist movement.

Do not get stuck this winter. These simple solutions will get you out of the cold and get you back on the road in no time.

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