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Using drones to track adrenalin-fuelled sport

Drone Filming Companies such as Skypower know the power behind the technology that allows people to take photographs and film from places that would otherwise have been difficult to access. As well as giving us the option to get imagery from inaccessible places or from new heights, the drones can also be used to film adrenalin-fuelled, high powered sports.

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These sports can include everything from dirt bike racing through to long distance sports such as the Tour de France. The beauty of the drones is that they can track the riders and are also a lot less invasive in their filming. They do not require a photographer sitting on the back of a truck driving in front of the riders. This makes for a much more enjoyable and safer experience for both the photographer and the sportsperson.

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Drones can also be used to get new angles for filming team sports such as rugby and football, and again they may be a lot safer than having a photographer set up on the sidelines. There are many blooper films online of sportspeople colliding with the camera whilst playing in an intense match.

There are, of course, rules and regulations that need to be followed when operating drones, and so it is essential that you work with a professional company that will be aware of these and will be able to get you the best footage of your event.

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