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What Are the Benefits to Playing Team Sports?

It’s easy to dismiss the value of team sports. After all, you can obtain all the health benefits of exercise by going to the gym. And when you undertake these activities in a personal capacity, you don’t need to make a commitment of your time and resources to a team. This analysis, while true in its own way, somewhat misses the point that there are advantages to team sports which outweigh any downsides.


Britain is in the midst of an obesity crisis affecting adults and children alike. A key driver of the problem is inactivity. In other words, we are becoming far more sedentary than is good for us.

As highlighted above, you can get fit on your own. But it’s easier to stay motivated when you are having fun as part of a team, and you are likely to push yourself that much further when team-mates are depending on your efforts. This is especially true for children.

Team-Play, Co-operation and Inclusion

Playing a team sport teaches us – whatever our age – the value of team-play in accomplishing goals. This, along with co-operation, can be transferred to any life situation, including the workplace. A game like football is also hugely inclusive, with many different abilities and talents being represented on the team. Through exposure to this diversity, we gain an insight to the contribution everyone can make to a common target.

What Are the Benefits to Playing Team Sports

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Inexpensive and Easily Organised

There’s a wide misconception that team sports are costly and difficult to organise. Much depends on your chosen activity, of course, but games like hockey, rugby and football are surprisingly inexpensive. You can, for example, buy cheap Adidas football kits at sites such as In terms of organising football matches, there are thousands of local leagues up and down the country which will make most of the arrangements for you to play games. Even if you can’t find a league, there’s nothing simpler than finding a patch of grass, temporary nets and a team of opponents.

Fun and New Friends

Some of the greatest benefits you will derive from team sports are the pure fun and enjoyment. These can massively enhance your confidence and mental well-being. You will also makes new friends from all walks of life – a priceless advantage over solitary pursuits like cross-training at the gym!

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