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The latest trends in commercial CCTV technology

CCTV trends in 2024 will see an increase in the use of remote-first and scalable solutions. Cloud-native video analytics, cloud-native video solutions and the move from analogue to digital video systems are all key video security trends.

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In terms of business security, the camera trends are leveraging footage with AI to create valuable data and investing in “As a Service” (AaS), which is a scalable way of introducing new technology into existing operations.

Video surveillance trends for 2024 highlight the importance of cameras connected to cloud platforms that can work with existing systems. These cameras come in a variety of types, including weather-proof cameras and thermal imaging cameras. For CCTV Gloucester, visit

AI Smart Analytics technology transforms footage into Big Data

AI will continue to be a video security trend in 2024. AI allows hours of redundant video to be turned into data that can be used to analyse trends and patterns in video security. Previously, security teams could only learn from incidents that were manually identified. Now, they can also learn from hours of video footage that was previously ignored. Due to the value of this technology, many businesses see the need for AI video analytics. They are now budgeting accordingly.

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Video analytics is one of the most important trends in commercial security cameras this year. It generates big data.

Deep learning allows security teams to make faster and better decisions

Deep learning is a new technology in CCTV and security cameras. Video analytics is an example of a cutting-edge technology that has been adopted by manufacturers and distributors in the commercial camera market.

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