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How to find out who visits your Twitter profile

So you are a twitters snag and suddenly want to know who visits your Twitter profile? You are one of those who has already wondered “But how do I know who visits Your Twitter profile “? Let’s be clear now, there is no way to know for sure who visits your Twitter profile, but because there is indeed a “but”, some subtleties can allow us to deduce a lot of information about our audience and those who are the regulars of our profile.

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First of all, a small important clarification. Any tools, websites or apps promising to reveal who visits your Twitter profile as soon as you download it or have sent an SMS to a premium rate are at best frauds, at worst of the malware that will intrude in your device and steal all your confidential information. Thousands of people are being trapped daily by such ads, do not fall into the trap, Twitter protects its data and now does not allow any specific way to know who visits your profile.

However, some small details can shed light on users visiting our profile. By connecting, to Twitter via a computer, and clicking on your photo at the top right you will have the possibility to consult your “statistics”.


Twitter profile

To find information about your audience and users looking at your profile, follow these steps:

Once you click on “Statistics “, click on” Hearings “in the top left corner.

Always left, you will find a small blue arrow marked with “your subscribers”, this graph allows you to analyze the evolution of your subscribers Twitter. Click on the blue arrow pointing down and choose “your organic audience “.

The page that just appeared gives you information about all the users “affected” by your publications, in other words, all those who have been able to read them on your profile. You will be able to get information about their interests, their mother tongue, their sex, which region or country they are, which operator they use, what they like to watch on TV etc. These data are a classified percentage of the audience.

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Rumors that are rather reliable and have a certain logic circulate concerning the suggestions of Twitter. Have you ever noticed a user profile that you do not know at all in your suggestions? It would seem that this is not by chance. Indeed, if you are sure that you have never consulted the profile of this mystery user, it may be that he has done it, maybe several times.

The purpose of Twitter is and will remain to link the twitters to each other via this “following” method. When Twitter detects that you are interested in a particular user and you have some commonality, it will tend to introduce you subtly into the suggestions of that same user. This method was also noticed on Facebook.

We cannot say anything about rumors, but logically it seems that this strategy of the social network is very plausible and that the strangers in your list of suggestions have already visited your profile once and probably more.

Here is for our article “How to find out who visits your Twitter profile “. As previously stated, it is impossible to legally obtain the profile of users who visit your account but some subtleties and mastery of tools like Twitter Statistics can teach you more about your audience and the regulars of your profile. Again, be careful and do not install any application promising to give you the list of visitors to your profile, no application has the power to do this.

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