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How a Cloud Phone System Can Increase Your Team’s Productivity

A cloud phone system offers advanced unified communication capabilities that boost team productivity. From sales to customer service, these tools provide advanced features typically a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX solutions.

These systems use a secure server hosted by the provider to store your data and calls. Some providers use geographical redundancy, meaning they have servers in multiple locations to ensure minimal downtime.

Streamlined Communication

With remote working becoming a commonplace way to work, it’s crucial that teams can still communicate effectively. Cloud telephony solutions make that easy by letting staff access their phone lines from wherever they might be – whether at home, in a coffee shop, or even on holiday abroad.

They can edit call routing, set up, and access voicemail on the go from any device (even smartphones), ensuring that they never miss a call from a customer. Many cloud systems also feature a voicemail-to-email functionality that automatically transcribes callers’ messages into a written transcript, making it easier for agents to respond and improve the overall customer experience.

Another bonus is that as cloud phone systems are hosted off-site, they require less technical expertise and IT staff from businesses to manage. A reputable cloud provider will also constantly update your system, improving the customer service experience and uptime.

Remote Workers

When employees work from home or outside the office, a cloud phone system ensures everyone can communicate efficiently. The online resource other teams and customers in a seamless manner so that no one is left feeling disconnected.

Unlike traditional systems that require costly hardware and software, cloud services are hosted in the data center. This significantly reduces costs and eliminates the need for internal IT teams to handle hardware maintenance and upgrades.

Additionally, the software features are customizable. For example, managers can enable queueing for high call volume periods or set up personal greetings and contact tags. The system can also integrate with business tools like CRM, making accessing customer information easy and delivering personalized customer service.

Boosted Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service requires the right tools. That’s why cloud-based phone systems make it easier for businesses to deliver a better experience for callers.

Using a cloud-based business phone system also means customers don’t have to wait on hold for too long. If the requested associate is unavailable, a queue management system can notify the customer and then offer to forward them directly to voicemail or another available representative.

Lastly, a cloud-based phone system allows employees to work anywhere without impacting customer calls or the overall quality of the business communication network. Employees can use a mobile app or desktop softphone to access calling features, regardless of the location of their device.

Improved Employee Engagement

With a cloud phone system, businesses can get enterprise-level functionality that helps them stay productive. 

As your company grows, you might need to hire more employees, open additional offices, or onboard new customers. A cloud phone system can tailor your call-taking capabilities to meet your team’s current needs. You can also add premium calling features.

You can also use a sales dialer to automate customer contacts and increase the number of leads you convert into new clients. This improves employee productivity and increases your sales revenue. Working remotely is another advantage of a cloud phone system, giving employees away from the office the same access to features as their onsite colleagues.

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