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7 tips to take better photos with your iPhone

It is useful to make pictures to use your iPhone since this almost always with you. Here we give 10 tips to take better photos with your iPhone.

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  1. Using the portrait mode for extra depth

With the iPhone 7 Plus it is possible to choose a special portrait mode which is being focused on your subject while the background remains blurry. This allows you highlight your subject and get your photo more depth. For this, both the 12-megapixel wide-angle lens is used as the 12-megapixel telephoto lens.

Go into the Camera app to portrait position. Your iPhone will indicate if you are close enough state. When you are in a yellow bar Depth effect listed, you stand in the right place. For additional to focus on your subject, you can print on your iPhone screen in place of your subject.

  1. Using the timer for selfish

Everyone makes today selfish. If you’re tired of always, like everyone else, to stand with an outstretched arm on the photo or use a selfie stick, you can use the timer for some more innovative and more natural poses. For this you must, of course, your iPhone can rest against something, or you can use a standard.

To use the timer, you just have to press the circle with the clock and select the number of seconds between 3 and 10 seconds. Place your phone, press the camera button and the volume button and ready for the photo.

  1. Using the timer for sharper pictures

The timer is also convenient to use for sharper pictures. To your pictures to get as sharp as possible, it is important that you keep your iPhone as still as possible. But to make a picture, you must press a button on your screen, making your device moves a little.Using the timer you can take the time to a few seconds to completely shut to keep your device after you have pressed.

  1. Using the burst mode for extra security

If you want to capture an important event with lots of activity, it is important that you really take a picture at the right moment. Consider, for example, children’s parties, weddings, and sporting events.

The burst mode is automatically taken 10 pictures per second, so you have more chance of a good in between. To do this you just have to hold the camera button. You can see on the screen how many pictures have been made in total. Once you release the button, the burst mode ends automatically.

  1. Using the rule of thirds

Photos with the subject at the center can be very beautiful, but often see pictures just held something more professional as the rule of thirds: this is a rule of thumb whereby an image into nine equal sections by two horizontal and two vertical lines is distributed and the subject is placed on or around one of the four intersections of the lines.

On your iPhone allows you to display a grid that allows you to put the subject of your photograph easily at an intersection of the lines? Go to Settings Photos & Camera and bowls at Camera option Grid in.

  1. Remove Photos

To recover deleted photos you have the photos to open app and tab albums print at the bottom of the main window. There’s a folder named recently removed. When you press it you will see all the pictures you the last 30 days away have. If you have activated the iCloud photo library, this folder contains the photos that have thrown in pictures for OS X. A discarded photograph will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

To restore a picture you need to print out and right down the button Restore button. If you remove down, the picture is permanently deleted immediately instead of after 30 days.

To restore multiple photos at once, you must press the button, select printing and all the photos you want to select restore. Then press put everything back in order to restore all the selected photos or press Delete All to remove them permanently.

  1. Hide Photos

If you hide in the Photos app photos, they are no longer shown in the display Moments.You can select multiple photos at once by pressing the top of the screen, select print and highlight your finger images. Press when done on the icon of a square with an arrow pointing up into it, and select Hide.

You will see a popup menu, where you hide pictures press to accept. From now on, this picture only can be seen in all the other albums, not in moments.

For all to see hidden pictures, you have to go to the album Hidden go. To make hiding reversed so that a still image is visible in moments, you should be in this folder select images photos in question it on the icon of a square with an arrow pointing up and press Raise Hide selection.

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