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Yeeha ride um Cowboy

Firstly, my apologise for the rather over the top title there. Being British we are somewhat reserved and I’m not sure that I would bear well in the world of the Cowboy. I grew up with Cowboys. Saturday mornings I watched Champion the wonder horse and I would also look forward to the Sunday afternoon matinee which could be John Wayne in The Searchers  if I was really lucky The Magnificent Seven. I did dream of the wild west and riding out on the plains to get to Fort Brag and then mosey on into town for a sarsaparilla and whiskey. Maybe not the whiskey, I was only about 10 after all and though they knocked it back like no bodies busy my Dad was quick to say to me that you can’t drink whiskey that way it needs to be sipped. I also had no access to a horse even though I lived in the countryside, I was more of a walker. I would have liked to have roped a steer and tamed a Mustang but the closest I got to that was when I had a go on the Rodeo Bull Manufacturer that came to town as part of the Mop fair.

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Mu first attempt was ok. I gripped the handle and raised by left arm just as the cowboys did when they were trying to reign in a new horse that need to be broken in. This usually happened on Bonanza or the High Chaparral. The last one was a very big favourite of mine as it sat on the Mexican border in New Mexico. It was the simple tale of a family trying to survive in a very high stakes land where cattle were a premium. Anyway back to my “ride”.

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The rodeo bull moved slowly undulating at a nice steady pace. I immediately imagined myself powering the Mustang along so that it would be mine. I would call it Shadow or Dark star, I had to have a black  horse nothing else would do. Slowly but inexorable the Bull was picking up pace. I had learnt that the idea was to rock with the rodeo bull and increase the grip with your knees. It’s actually a great way to stay fit and increase you core muscles. Not that I had any clue to this the thing was getting stronger now and there was a hell of a kick coming off it. There was a time trial competition and I could see that some one had spent 3 minutes on this thing! As soon as I looked up I suddenly lost concentration and I was thrown off the thing.

By the next week Star Wars had come out and I was done with Cowboys,

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