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What is the future of the metal bonding adhesives market?

The market for metal bonding adhesives was worth US$5.3bn (£4bn) in 2015. As the market for these adhesives grows and the volume produced increases, the market is estimated to be worth $7.7bn by the year 2021. This is one product guaranteed to stick with consumers.

What is the future of the metal bonding adhesives market

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The growth of the metal bonding adhesive market is being driven by the use of these adhesives in the motoring industry and in a wide variety of industrial applications. Government directives to improve fuel economy are also having a positive effect on the market.

The largest application for these adhesives is found in the transportation sector, including the automotive industry. They are frequently deployed for the exteriors of vehicles and are commonly used for bonding in lorries and buses, specifically for fusing panels together. In industry, metal adhesives are used in making machinery, especially in manufacturing all kinds of pumps; meanwhile, these adhesives are used for constructing x-ray equipment, machines for dialysis, bonding needles and filters in the medical sector.


Adhesives derived from epoxy formulas are the largest segment of the market in the resin category, followed by the acrylic adhesives group. Epoxy-derived adhesives are widely used due to their strength, reliability, durability and great curing ability. These are often preferred in manufacturing certain types of car part, as they perform well in crash situations and are thus known as crash durable adhesives (CDAs).

What is the future of the metal bonding adhesives market2

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Innovation in the design of metal bonding adhesives that make them more flexible and adaptable in different conditions are also making them more attractive to a range of users. Adhesives in general have improved a great deal as scientists continue to look for better, lighter ways of bonding metals and other materials. The Guardian even reports that an adhesive was based on the way in which the gecko climbs vertical surfaces! If you are looking for high-quality metal bonding adhesive, it would be a good idea to consult an expert such as

Key growth is expected in the Asia Pacific region. Industrial development in countries such as Thailand, India, Indonesia and Vietnam is one source of market expansion, which will be enhanced by investment in industries such as petrochemicals, food and oil and gas in this part of the world.

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