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Types of equipment found on the deck of the ship

No matter if you’re a maritime newcomer or an experienced sailor, there are many essential items, appliances and machines on the boat deck, that navigate, secure and operate in marine environments impeccably. The following are two major components, the cranes used on deck and a windlass.

Winches located on marine vessels are tools used to handle wiring or ropes and act by wrapping around a drum along the horizontal axis. Winches are often power-driven by electric motors or hydraulic meaning heavier objects can be lifted and operation is easier.

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Once installed on the deck of a boat or ship, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The most common use is as a mooring winch which means a crane which is mainly placed on the front and back decks and on either side of a vessel. Tug boats and offshore ships like those used to carry out seismic surveys are likely to be kitted out with a working crane that is designed to carry out the tough and heavy tasks that these vessels are used to.

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A windlass is another instrument which is found on the deck of the ship or boat. Located independently but near to the mooring winches or as an integral component of them, this lifting device is used for pulling up and letting down the anchor chain or bow in sync with the stopper that stops the chain slippage when docked and improve anchorage.

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