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Some great examples of Alloy wheels

It’s hard to ignore the wheels on a car. They are, or should be, the only part of a car that makes contact with the road. The style and look of the wheels is very important and how they look is vital as well. With the use of alloy wheels, cars can take on something very special. If you want yours to look as good as the following examples, then a visit to Apex Wheels, an Alloy Repair Cheltenham based company, is well worth it.

  1. The Lotus Esprit. The car that defined the classic wedge shape of the 1970’s, this power house cemented its place in British Car myths with an appearance in the James Bond movie The Spy who loved me. The car turns into a submarine, which was not available on the standard model.
  2. The Mini Cooper. Minis were and will forever be cool, but the alloy designs were one of many things that set this mighty little car apart from the others. A good set of alloys really helped the car make a statement.

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  1. Jenson Button’s 2009 Brawn F1. It’s impossible for a Formula one car to not look cool but this car, which featured alloy wheel coverings for increased aerodynamics was one of the best. It helped propel British driver Jensen Button to an unexpected one and only World Championship. Just don’t mention the rear diffuser to Red Bull.

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  1. Ford Capri. It was not the most reliable car in the world but Ford gave us something that could, almost pass for an American Muscle car and at an affordable price.

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