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Restaurants in the UK and why they are voted the best by experts

Eating out is a national pastime, and everyone loves to feel that they’ve had a chance to experience some of the best restaurants out there, whether your idea of heaven is a 15-course tasting menu at a Michelin-starred venue or a delicious gastropub ‘find’. There are certain things you expect at the best restaurants which include great quality food, a selection of drinks, amazing customer service and everyone forgets a clean and suitable bathroom with the right equipment and supplies. If you are in need of a Washroom service provider Gloucestershire company who provide simple hygiene solutions why not ask an expert to come and help.

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Here we look at five more of the most recommended UK restaurants, as judged by experts working in the industry.

Nathan Outlaw

This is a legendary seafood tasting restaurant located in trendy Cornwall. Much of the food in the Port Isaac location is freshly caught and is sustainable and local. If you can be flexible with dining times and visit away from peak holiday periods, you will stand a better chance of getting a table. Enjoy celeb spotting too, as many of London’s notable figures head to Cornwall for the summer.


This is a classic Michelin-starred restaurant situated in Chiswick, and the menu is always beautifully presented and exciting, with ever-changing flavours and options. One regular favourite on the dessert menu is a sorbet made from coconut, strawberry foam and lime, served with meringue – delicious! Be prepared to book well in advance for this one, as diners queue up to get in and it does attract the fashionable London set.


Found in Convent Garden, this is a tapas bar which serves in every speciality from the region, with favourites including octopus dishes with potato foam. The cocktails are also notable – many restaurants will use post mix syrup when it comes to making delicious cocktails.

The Sportsman

Located in Kent, this amazing restaurant is described on its social media profile as a ‘seaside grotty rundown pub’ by head chef Stephen Harris. Those in the know, however, realise that it is a coastal sensation serving superb English food with modern twists. One favourite is the rhubarb souffle, which updates traditional crumble with an amazing ice-cream top.

Everyone has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to picking a fine restaurant, and often it is the atmosphere and location which are as important as the menu. Do you find high-end dining intimidating and prefer more casual food? Or do you love the glamour which comes with haute cuisine and fine-dining awards? Which restaurants do you rate as your favourites?

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