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How is money made?

On the face of it, money is made by saving, creating and maintaining successful businesses and investments, stocks and shares, owning property and renting it out. Whilst this is all about creating profit out of initial cost, it’s not the same as how money is created in the first instance. So regardless of where you get it from, there will always be a need for AML ID VERIFICATION like that from to ensure that you are who you say you are and that source is reputable.

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The Bank of England makes money under the control of the UK Government. Have you ever wondered how money can suddenly be found for a war, sudden industry rescue packages but not for, say, ambulances or a health care centre? The answer is that money can be created out of the National Debt where we borrow effectively from ourselves.

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Despite what ministers and other politicians might say, this money is not like a credit card debt or a mortgage. Technically it can be written off, and there is rarely any profit from it. The Bank of England also finds the money for the purposes of quantitative easing. This is where literally plastic notes and metal coins are minted or produced by the bank to add more money to society. This money usually comes via bonds to banks and financial institutions or even the Government itself. So it’s just a promise to pay back the money with interest.

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