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Five Dances from Around the World

Dancing is one of the oldest activities used by humans to express their feelings and to tell stories. Dancing has evolved all around the world and there are many styles of dance that are as popular as ever all around the world today – here are five well-known dancing styles and some history on their origins…

Cossack Dance – This is a type of dance that originated in the Ukraine and is also known as Hopak. It often involves squatting, and lots of energetic leg movements, and dancers typically do not stop moving throughout the entire dance.

Salsa – This seductive and energetic dance style originated in Cuba and quickly became popular around the world. Many people enjoy salsa classes like these salsa classes London based RV dance, as it is a great form of exercise and a lot of fun.

Waltz – This was a dance that originated in Austria around the 13th Century, so it has a very long history. It was danced in court and became popular as a style of ballroom dancing. It is now one of the most well-known dance styles in the world.

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Can Can – This is one of the most instantly recognisable dance styles, conjuring up the traditional song and images of the high kicks and frilly skirts of the dancers. It was started in the 18th Century, but in the early 20th Century it became incredibly popular, especially in Paris.

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Charleston – This dance was a popular choice of the flapper girls during the roaring 20s and was started in South Carolina in the early 20th Century, evolving from dance styles such as swing and juba.

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