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Benefits of Pollarding Your Trees

The first benefit of pollarding is that trees will be healthier. The reason for this is that they are less dense in the centre and will retain their juvenile growth through the entire lifespan. Moreover, trees that have been pollarded will have fewer disease-causing branches, reducing their total weight. A second benefit of pollarding is that it can extend the growth period of your tree but in a controlled way which is especially useful for troublesome trees. It also helps to provide the shape that you desire for the tree. For help with pollarding, contact a Tree Surgeon Poole like Kieran Boyland Tree Surgeon

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Another benefit of pollarding is that the top part of a tree will be reduced in size. This is beneficial for areas with high wind speeds, as the danger of branches being blown off and causing damage is reduced. It is also beneficial for trees which tend to be brittle as they age. As a result, pollarding can improve the health of trees, making them more suitable for landscape design and removing the need to get rid of the tree completely. A brittle or unstable tree will benefit from pollarding as it helps to prevent trees from posing infrastructural risks.

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Another benefit of pollarding is that it allows a tree to receive more sunlight. The sun’s light is essential for the ecosystem, which helps keep your trees healthy. In addition to this, pollarding reduces the risk of the base of the tree becoming susceptible to disease as a result of poor sunlight levels. This also prevents trees from posing infrastructural risks.

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