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A Guide to Creating Your Own Garage Gym

If you are sick of the commercial treadmill and went to get fit in peace, read on. These five pieces of equipment are all you need to build your very own private gym.

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1. Weights and Barbells

There are many types of barbell, but the two main options are olympic and standard. The standard ones are suitable for light lifting only, up to a maximum weight of 200 pounds. For heavy weight lifters, the Olympic barbells will be more suitable.

When looking for the weights to go with your barbell, you can buy these new. However, they can nearly always be found at boot fairs, eBay or on local selling groups for a fraction of the cost.

2. Power Rack

Every home gym needs a power rack. Ideally it should be the centre feature and will make your work outs considerably safer. Many come with additional functionalities, such as pull up and dip bars. Before purchasing a rack, there are a few notes to consider. Hole spacing, strength accessories and, or course, dimensions. If you have limited space you might opt for a smaller rack, but bear in mind this will leave less space for you to move about inside it.

3. A Bench

Look carefully at the different benches available. The majority will carry a weight limit of about 200 pounds. However, if you are looking to load 600 pounds in total, cheaper benches simply won’t hold.

Take your time finding the right bench and definitely shop around to get the right one for you. In the meantime, most bench work can be completed on the floor in the short term.

4. Dumbbells

There are hundreds of different varieties of dumbbell on the market and a range of different price options. Those on a budget might like to choose standard handles, which can easily be found on eBay and at table top sales. If you have a little more money to play with however, you can look a getting a full dumbbell rack to load. Standard garage shelving and garage shelving equipment can be used to store gym equipment.


If you want to protect your floors and your equipment, a platform is a must. It will also deaden any noise made by weights as they make contact with the floor.

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