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4 More Great Features of Digital School Bus Management Software

If you found our last article on the benefits of digital school bus management software useful, here are some additional features that you will be interested to hear about. Last time, we saw that this software offered a user-friendly interface, an effortless registration process, integration with GPS technology, mapping options and big safety and efficiency improvements. Let’s take a look at four more key features.

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1. Route Optimisation

Routing software can assist you with optimising your school bus routes to avoid wasting time and money. This system will allow you to avoid the routes suffering from traffic congestion, road works and so on by suggesting alternate routes instead. This means that the routes chosen will be the most efficient ones, which saves both valuable planning time and the time taken by the bus itself. Optimising bus routes is environmentally friendly, as it reduces fuel and emissions – read more in this interesting piece.

2. Playback System

The playback feature means you can look at completed routes and track the historical movement of any vehicle. In addition to this, you can analyse the routes themselves, check which school buses deviated from the scheduled route and see if there are any points when a bus exceeds the speed limit. The system can be used if the driver or students have reported any issue with a given route or for many other reasons.

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3. Unplanned Trip Routing

This useful feature allows the customer the flexibility to drive the vehicle first and collect details regarding the route taken afterwards. The school can then allocate pick-up points to assign to students who will be taking this new bus route.

4. Reporting

It is simple to produce reports using this software, and these reports can then be analyzed to measure the progress of your business. Modern routing software gives you the option to download reports in a number of formats according to your requirements. If you need further details on any aspect of the School Bus Booking and Management System, there are various specialist companies that will be able to advise you, such as

Bus routing software has significantly reduced the complication of routing and scheduling a school bus, with the added benefit of quick, detailed route and safety reporting plus many other extra features.

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