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What is agile project management?

If you’ve never heard of agile in terms of project management, then here is some information about the concept. Agile is a philosophy of approaching project management in a way that empowers people and delivers value. It is highly popular and proven in software development. So, why is it such a popular approach and what are the benefits of working in an ‘agile’ way?

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It’s a concept that empowers, builds personal responsibility, encourages diverse ideas, early benefits and continuous improvement. It allows people’s decisions to be tested and if necessary, rejected at an early stage if feedback suggests the benefits are not evident.

Also, it’s a system that assists in delivering change in times of uncertainty, helping to build relationships between clients and users by concentrating on what is most beneficial. The changes brought about are incremental, which support overall cultural change. Decision-making is made easier as feedback loops result in money-saving, re-investment and fast success. For more details on Agile Scrum Master roles, visit

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In a nutshell, agile is a mind-set to help respond and adapt to changing requirements. It’s concerned with delivering maximum value versus corporate priorities in a time period and specified budget, particularly when the need to deliver is bigger than the risk.

When working in an agile setting, how a project is undertaken is based on a team working with end users in a deliverable time. This provides the opportunity for end users to drive the project design, making considerable difference to the outcomes. Agile is best for innovation and benefits through collaboration, with special focus on quality, teamwork, effective leadership and end user satisfaction.


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