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Does it feel like nobody is listening?

Finding someone to talk to can be surprisingly difficult. We might have lots of family and friends but find it hard to trust that the things we say will be kept private. Often, our family and friends are too close to our personal experiences to be either objective or able to truly listen.

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People think they listen but do they really? Listening means staying quiet, properly focusing on the speaker, understanding without judgement and helping a person unpack and unload the things that are bothering them. Most conservations we have with people we know don’t include all of these factors.

There are many reasons why people don’t listen. Perhaps they are too busy dealing with the minutiae of the daily grind, with heads full of their own problems. Maybe they are too emotionally attached to you and so cannot offer an objective or unbiased perspective.

Active listening means taking an active role in concentrating on really listening and truly ‘hearing’ someone. The majority of conservations don’t involve active listening but are merely people waiting for their turn to speak. When you get the feeling ‘I need someone to talk to’, contact a site like

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A problem shared is a problem halved and finding someone to talk to can mean a great weight of worry is lifted. Bottling up emotions has negative effects on both our mental and physical wellbeing. It is far more beneficial to express yourself and feel heard.

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