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Three Things to do at Home to Help the Planet

In order to fight climate change, reusing and recycling are things that everyone should be doing where possible. As an individual, there are lots of things that you can do at home in order to make sure that you are doing the best you can to help the planet – and the bonus is that recycling can also help you to save money!

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Paperwork – Paperwork that has confidential information on it is something that you need to be careful with due to the risk of identity fraud. However, you can find a company like this confidential shredding Bristol based company, that will not only destroy the paperwork securely for you but will also ensure that it is recycled.

In the Garden – Creating your own compost is a brilliant way to get rid of any food waste that you have and you can also use cardboard in compost too. As well as saving the planet, you save money as you will no longer need to buy compost for the garden!

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Items that can be Reused – There are many things that you can re-use even if you no longer need them – for example, old clothing can be cut up and repurposed to create something new, or you can donate things that you don’t have any need for to charity – this means that they can be used by someone else, the money goes to a good cause and it keeps it out of landfill!

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