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Recycling the Packaging from your Christmas Shopping

With Christmas coming up we are all going to be doing lots of Christmas shopping. Nowadays, most people do at least part of their Christmas shopping online. It is not only easier to do this, as you don’t have to traipse around the shops in the cold, but you can also save money when shopping online as you can easily compare prices and products with the click of a button.

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Because of this however, we end up having a lot of packaging arrive along with the presents. This is something that contributes to climate change, however, if we take care in how we dispose of the packaging, this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can recycle the packaging of a wide range of materials – companies like this can do polystyrene recycling, and you can also go to a recycling bank or contact your local council to find out where you can recycle various items.

Something else that you can do is use the packaging to wrap gifts for your friends and family. This is a great way to save money, as well as getting more use out of the packaging materials and preventing them from going to landfill.

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You can also look out for companies that use recyclable and minimal packaging. There are more and more companies doing this, so it is a good idea to look around for those that do it.

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