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How do you personalize an outfit

How to Personalize Your Outfits in Style

No matter if you have been interested in fashion for decades or you’ve just started your journey to your personal style, putting together outfits can often feel challenging. On one hand, you aim for a comfortable yet classic look that won’t make you feel awkward throughout the day; on the other hand, the popular garments that every men’s fashion magazine recommends can often feel soulless and completely deprived of character and personality. But don’t worry – in this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to personalize your outfits so that you will feel confident regardless of what you’re wearing!

Have a Good Grooming Routine

As surprising as it might seem, a good outfit starts with a good grooming routine: you could wear a three piece suit paired with a shirt made of the most delicate silk in the world and you could still look unpleasant because of an untrimmed beard or a haircut that is long overdue. Maintain a polished look by regularly grooming your beard, getting the right haircut perfect for your complexion, taking care of your skin and nails, and having proper hygiene. Having such a consistent grooming routine can significantly enhance your appearance regardless of the outfit he chooses to wear, and it also reflects a high level of discipline and self-respect, which can boost confidence and leave a lasting impression.

Find the Pieces that Work For You

Don’t feel the pressure to wear something only because it is trendy or incorporate certain garments into your collection solely based on the fact that others call them classic and must-haves. The journey to your personal style lies in finding those pieces that work best for you and they can be fundamentally different from what you see others wear. For instance, you can swap the classic crew neck sweater that everyone swear by with a much more fashionable Aran sweater: this type of knitwear – – has a characteristic design that features original patterns that make it the perfect match for any pair of bottoms while also helping you elevate your style game and create eye-catching looks.

Don’t Shy Away from Jewelry

It is truly sad that in our day and age some men still feel intimidated to wear jewelry, thinking that it takes away from their masculinity and makes them feel like less of a man. However, a stylish gentleman knows that the right bracelet, necklace, or ring will only make his outfit better, adding a dash of personality and character to his look. Choose a design that speaks to you, be it a chunky knit bracelet or a statement pendant that has a sentimental value: these pieces will not only enhance your style, but also make perfect conversation starters at networking events or even romantic dates.

Personalize Your Accessories

Lastly, as simple as it might seem, you can add character to your ensembles by personalizing your accessories. You can do it by literally adding a customizable detail such as a monogram or your full name on your leather wallet or bag, or by incorporating some creative elements to the outfit that will scream ‘you’. This styling tip is often used by famous men like fashion icons, designers, and even politicians – the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for instance, is well-known for his distinctive socks that he is always pairing with his professional suits even in work-related settings.

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