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Creating a Sustainable Future

Something that we all need to take into account more now is the fact that climate change is something that we are all responsible for preventing, and there are lots of ways that we can help out. The issue of building and needing homes for people to support the population is a contentious one and is often brought up in politics. However, on the flip side, there is an issue with ensuring that we have as much land that is left wild and natural as possible to provide habitats for all kinds of flora and fauna.

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Habitats also need to be varied and abundant. Having lots of wild land but only having it as woodland for example is not sustainable, as it means the plants and animals that inhabit other types of habitats, such as grasslands and wetlands are not going to have anywhere to live, so it all needs to be taken into account and managed correctly to ensure a future for the wildlife as well as for humans who depend on the natural world.

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From your own home there are plenty of things that you can do – for example, if you are planning on building an extension or even building your home from scratch, work with sustainable architects like this who will ensure that the natural environment is considered. Your garden can be a real haven for wildlife and even doing things as simple as creating a small garden pond or allowing nettles and wildflowers to flourish is important.

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