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How to organise a self storage unit

When it comes to organising your items in a Self Storage Kendal unit, such as those offered by, there are a number of ways that you can do this effectively and safely. 

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Boxes and baskets – large, heavy items should be stored directly on the floor, and you can then store smaller, lighter items on shelving. To make the most of the shelf space, you might want to invest in boxes or baskets to hold these items. It also helps to keep your items safe from falling off shelves or from being accidentally damaged.

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Safety – when storing lots of items, particularly those that could be damaged or that could lead to injury. You should make sure that they are stored safely. This could mean using pallets to store items off the floor and also using ladders to take items off higher shelves. If you have larger numbers of items sorted on pallets, you should also use pallet trucks to carefully move this around.

Labelling – having labels on any boxes that you have stored will allow you to find your items quickly, which can be very useful if you are using the space for temporarily storing items for a house move. This also helps to speed up the process of relocating items into your new home. If you have any items that are fragile, you should also note this on the label.

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