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How to Design a Loft Conversion

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, playroom, office, gym or living space, there are many things to consider when designing a loft conversion. From egress windows, to stairway design, insulation and ventilation it can be a challenge to get your new rooms exactly how you want them. However, taking the time to plan your space can save you money, stress and a lot of headaches in the long run.

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Creating a loft staircase that feels like it’s always been there is a key element to consider, especially if you want the new room upstairs to feel part of the home rather than an afterthought. Try to match the banisters, rails and handrails with those of your existing stairs if possible, as well as carpeting or flooring, wall coverings or finishes and even décor. For information on Loft Conversions Bristol, contact

New egress windows must be fitted so that you have an escape route in the event of a fire. They need to be big enough to accommodate people, and they should be placed directly above the top of your stairs. If you don’t have enough headroom to fit them directly above your stairs, it may be necessary to install a partition wall or alternative escape route.

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Lighting a loft room requires a combination of different light sources, so that the space can be enjoyed at all times of the day and night. To do this, concealed dimmable LED lights are a popular choice and fitted along the perimeter of the top floor.

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