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Looking out for the Signs of Sepsis

When working in healthcare there are a range of different skills that you will need to acquire, and much of healthcare revolves around catching a problem early. This is why clinical training courses like this is something that all staff should take part in regularly.

One of the illnesses which is a really good example of the need to catch and treat an illness early is sepsis. Sepsis can be deadly, however when it is caught early it is entirely possible that the person will make a full recovery.

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Sepsis is a type of blood poisoning and there are many ways that someone can contract it – it can come from any infection, from a chest infection, to catching your finger on a blackthorn bush! In order to diagnose it quickly, here are some of the signs to look out for:

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  • Not being able to pass any urine
  • Pain in the muscles and shivering
  • Confusion and slurring of speech
  • Patchy or mottled colouring to the skin

These are just a few of the most common signs, and they should be taken seriously. Although sepsis is treatable, there are on average around 48,000 deaths per year in the UK caused by or in relation to sepsis. Raising the awareness of the signs and symptoms of it is important for both healthcare staff and also the general public, who should then be able to report concerns to a doctor before it becomes too bad.

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