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How to know if you have fines

A change of address and forgetting to update the gray card lost mail or victim of ill-intentioned persons who withdraw the contraventions of the windshields. the reasons why one can have contraventions without taking Knowledge can be numerous, and the consequences very inconvenient: an increased fine is very expensive! To avoid these kinds of situations, everything How tells you what procedure to follow if you have any fines in progress.


autoIn order to know the number of fines and penalties we have been subjected to, we must request a Schedule of Situation of Fines and Monetary Conventions from the Public Treasury of the Fines on which you depend. This document summarizes all the files you have, the current ones, the ones paid and if they are increased if necessary.

This request can only be made by post, unlike other procedures that can be done via the internet or directly at the counter, such as the one that lets you know how many points you have left on your driver’s license. A copy of a national identity document as well as a copy of your car registration document are to be attached to the

To find out if you have unpaid fines, you should send your letter to the public treasury in your area to know the fines in the same region. If you think you have fines in several areas, you will need to send a letter to the treasuries of each region involved. Unfortunately, there is no centralized service for fines.

Here is a continuation of a model of the letter that you can address:

Subject: Request for a list of fines and penalties (BSACP)


In order to know my situation concerning my debts to the Public Treasury, I kindly ask you to provide me with my bill of financial penalties and convictions (BSACP).

I thank you in advance and I beg you to believe, Sir, in expressing my best feelings.

Since February 2015, the Government has made available a free service on the site of the National Agency for Automatic Processing of Offenses, which makes it possible to consult the status of a file, ie to check whether the payment of a Fine has been taken into account or the state of dispute of it. Beware, this service does not make it possible to check if there are fines in progress, but to verify the state of a fine of which one knows. Simply visit this site with the reference number of the

It is very important to know the fines and fines that are subject in order to avoid increases that can be very high. If you do not pay your fine within 45 days, it will be increased and the amount will be more than twice the flat-rate fine. On the contrary, if you pay it within 15 days, it will be reduced, ie reduced. An unpaid fine after 45 days may be subject to formal notice and seizure of property.

If you have just discovered that you have been fined without knowledge of it, and may be lost points in the stride, you will be interested in our article How to get points on the driver’s


In order to better follow your request, you can send the mail by registered mail

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