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Checks on your Car you Should do Before an MOT

An MOT is a test on your vehicle that is legally required to help make sure that vehicles are safe on the road. Many garages like this MOT Gloucester based company can provide you with an MOT test on your vehicle, but before your MOT it is a good idea to give your car a check yourself, as many of the reasons that cars fail an MOT are things that can easily be checked and repaired at home before the test.

Here are some of the things that you can check yourself:

Tyres – These are important for safety as they are the main contact that your car has with the road. This means that they not only need to be the correct pressure, but you also need to check the tread to make sure that it is within the safe legal limit around the whole tyre.

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Lights – Lights on your car play a lot of different roles – from helping you to see when driving in the dark (as well as ensuring that others can see you), to alerting someone that you are indicating or reversing. Get someone to check that all of your lights are working whilst you are using them, as they will need to look from outside the car.

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Fuel – All cars need to go through an emissions test, so your car needs to have an adequate amount of fuel in it when you send it for MOT. You should also check your oil levels as well as your water levels before you take the car for an MOT.

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